Tim Cousins Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 67 606 350 298) trades as Tim Cousins and Associates.

Our work is principally divided into three different but complimentary streams.

  • The first stream, Engineering Systems Failure Analysis, involves technical investigations into the cause of failures within Engineering Systems principally involving electrical, electronic and computer systems. Some of these failures result in explosion and fire while others result in injury.
  • The second stream involves the Recovery of Organizations following an incident, crisis or disaster: establishing the resultant nature and extent of damage, and providing consulting assistance with the management of repairs and recoveries.
  • The third stream involves legal proceedings where we assist the Courts on matters relevant to our expertise as an Expert Witness.

We also work with specialist engineers and chemists over a wide range of failed, failing or damaged engineering systems primarily involving electrical, electronic and computer equipment. The type of systems typically extend from simple computer systems through process control systems to robotics, telecommunications systems, data centres and power stations.